3D Baduk (provisional name) is an experimental project to explore the game of Go in 3 dimensions of play.

  • To test this idea, I generated a 3x3x3 board. 
  • There is no automatism for the moment.  You need to put and remove the stones yourself. Same for counting points, etc.


  • Use irght click and drag to rotate the camera
  • Also, use cursors arrows to rotate the camera
  • Mouse wheel to zoom
  • Clik on the mokus to put a stone
  • Right-click in a stone to remove it


I don't know if this experiment can evolve into a proper game. Maybe is not fun or playable at all. Things like ladders don't exists. A stone have 6 liberties. The game is a bit extrange to play. But in some way os beautiful to see the stones in 3D. Is possible that some rules need to be added or removed. And maybe 5x5x5 is too big and is better to use other sizes. If you try this, tell me you impressions and the things you would like to add.

Also, if you like this project, consider a donation to speed up the development.

Development log